Virtual Secretary

Virtual secretary is a remote administrative assistant that provides online administrative support without the need for physical presence in the office.

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Why hire a virtual secretary?

You have no employee costs

Instead of paying for working hours, you only pay for actual hours worked

The virtual secretary has years of experience in business management

You can account for the service as a business expense

What tasks does she perform?

A business virtual secretary will perform any of the following tasks and many more on your behalf:

Employee record keeping


Travel expense management

Financial report generation

Employee registrations and deregistrations

Business consulting

Additional Services

Phone Number

Use of a phone number with call answering service.

Document Scanning

Scanning and archiving of received mail and documents.

Printing and Copying

Printing and copying service packages so you don't need your own printing device.

Office Administration

Office administration tasks to save you time and money.


With InstantCloud, you have a secure document storage service.

Binding and Laminating

Bind brochures and presentations or laminate important documents to present yourself in the best light.

Mail Sending

Mail sending from the InstantOffice reception according to your instructions.

Virtual Assistant

A business virtual assistant will handle a wide range of tasks on your behalf, allowing you to manage your business smoothly and efficiently.