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By signing a lease agreement for a virtual office or office space, you gain the possibility to use InstantOffice's address as the registered office address for your company.

You need to sign a lease agreement with personal information, which allows you to use InstantOffice's address as your company's registered office address. After registering your company, you can terminate the existing agreement and sign a new one with your company's details. It's also possible to register your company at InstantOffice's address based on an offer for contract signing.

Payment can only be made at the bank or through internet banking to InstantOffice's bank account.

No invoice is issued for the deposit payment; instead, you will receive a payment confirmation. The deposit is to be paid directly into InstantOffice's bank account.

The deposit payment needs to be made after signing the contract, specifically before the start date of the contract.

The amount of the deposit for virtual office rental depends on the price of the Virtual Office package you choose and amounts to a total of two monthly gross fees for the selected package.

The deposit for office space rental is equal to one month's rent for the office space you choose.

Your office is accessible to you seven days a week, 24 hours a day, regardless of non-working days and holidays.

It's possible to switch from one package to another according to your needs. Generally, the change is effective on the first day of the following calendar month.

The tenant has the option to change the office space, within the currently available spatial capacities. The desired change is generally implemented on the 1st day of the following calendar month.

In the case of a contract with an indefinite term, it can be terminated with a notice period of 30 days, without the need to state a reason for termination. In the case of a fixed-term contract, the tenant has no right to early termination.

To receive your mail, we require a power of attorney for mail reception, certified by a notary public.

Your mail is delivered to the common mailbox of InstantOffice and sorted at the InstantOffice reception. If it's a registered mail, it is delivered directly to our reception.

All tenants are notified upon receiving their mail, either via email with sender details, if they are virtual office tenants, or on the same day or as agreed for other tenants.

Mail is forwarded as per your agreement with the tenant, either through postal service or email. The tenant is responsible for covering the shipping costs determined by the supplier's price list.

Your phone number is registered in InstantOffice's central system, and incoming calls are automatically redirected to the desired phone number.

Your phone number is registered in InstantOffice's central system, and calls are answered by the receptionist, following the agreed script.

The tenant can keep their existing phone number or be assigned a new one.

All services used within the current month are billed during or at the end of the month, and an invoice is issued during or at the end of the current month.

Furnished office space includes the furniture necessary for individuals assigned to the selected office space.

InstantOffice offers 4 meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 65 people.

There are two options for renting meeting rooms.

The first is a fixed option, which applies to all confirmed dates and is non-refundable in case of cancellation. The second is a flex option, which offers a 10% higher rental price and allows for cancellation of reservations up to 48 hours in advance, with a full refund of the reservation fee.

Meeting room reservations can be canceled, with a 48-hour notice, if the reservation was made according to the flexible pricing option. In that case, a full refund of fees will be made upon cancellation.

If the reservation was made according to the fixed pricing option, the meeting room can still be canceled, but without a refund of fees.

A meeting room can be reserved if it's available for the desired time slot, and the rental offer needs to be paid immediately upon receipt.

Meeting room rental is possible on weekends, with a 10% increase in rental rates.

The Palma and Kaktus meeting rooms can be rented for a minimum of 4 hours. Other meeting rooms can be rented for 1 hour on weekdays and 2 hours on weekends.

You can come to view the meeting rooms and arrange your meeting on weekdays between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

The offer needs to be paid 48 hours before using the meeting rooms, and the payment of the offer confirms your reservation.

The invoice for meeting room rental is issued after using the meeting room.

The loyalty program allows you to rent meeting rooms at favorable loyalty prices and continue to accumulate points. You become a member of the loyalty program after spending 3,000.00 HRK net on meeting room rentals and automatically start earning points that you can use as credit on future bookings, with 1 point equaling 1 HRK.

If you are our tenant, you automatically become a member of the loyalty program.

Since we rent meeting rooms every day of the week from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, leaving materials in the room outside the reservation time incurs an additional rental fee.

You are free to arrive up to half an hour early to set up and stay up to half an hour later to tidy up.

In addition to meeting room rental, we can arrange catering delivery or book lunch at a nearby restaurant for you. If you choose catering, you'll need to rent additional space for serving.

The meeting room rental price includes technical equipment, including wireless Internet, a flipchart board, a projector and screen, or an LCD TV.

Furthermore, in addition to the technical equipment, the rental price includes unlimited consumption of coffee, tea, and water in our three self-service lounge areas.

You can access the lounge area during reception working hours as a virtual office tenant by upgrading your Basic package for a net price of 20 HRK.

If you are a Plus, Premium, or Standard package tenant, you automatically have access to the lounge area.

In addition to using AddOffice services, our tenants can also benefit from InstantCloud service.

InstantCloud is InstantOffice's virtual system for easy storage, organization, and security of your business data and documents. We offer 5 packages of various sizes and prices.

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Goran Mudrovčić - Xiaomi Inc.

The InstantOffice space is a perfect solution for our business needs. It is equipped with everything we need for comfortable and productive work: modern furniture, fast internet, air conditioning, a tea kitchen, and friendly staff. The location is excellent, close to the airport, city center, and public transportation. We feel at home and enjoy collaborating with other entrepreneurs sharing the space with us. InstantOffice is the best investment we've made for our company.

Goran Mudrovčić

Xiaomi Inc.

Maja Tatović - Obnovljivi izvori energije Hrvatska

InstantOffice is an excellent choice for those who want the comfort of their own small office with the benefits of a large one. The great team is always available and ready to help, excellent full service, and a fantastic atmosphere make this place a highly desirable working environment. Our warm recommendation.

Maja Tatović

Obnovljivi izvori energije Hrvatska

Tatjana Božić - Titania consulting

InstantOffice is much more than just office space. It's a place where you are welcomed with warmth and understanding.

Tatjana Božić

Titania consulting

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