Printing and Copying

Regardless of which office service you use, rich packages for printing and copying are available to you, eliminating the need to worry about having your own printing device.

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Printing and Copying

If you constantly need to print and copy documents or are preparing an important presentation for potential business partners, it's good to know that every month we cater to you with larger and smaller printing and copying packages

Printing & Copying - monthly 200x b/w

8.5 EUR

each further b/w copy - 0,05 €, each colour copy - 0,10 €

Printing & Copying - monthly 100x b/w

5.5 EUR

each further b/w copy - 0,06 €, each colour copy 0,15 €

Printing & Copying - monthly 450x b/w

16 EUR

each further b/w copy - 0,05 €, each colour copy 0,09 €

Printing & Copying - monthly 50x colour and 50x b/w

8.5 EUR

each further b/w copy - 0,05 €, each further colour copy 0,09 €

Printing and copying - monthly 100x color and 100x black/white

15 EUR

each further b/w copy - 0,05 €, each further colour copy 0,09 €

You can use the service once, activate it on a monthly basis, or for an indefinite period with a 30-day notice period for cancellation.
We look forward to welcoming you to InstantOffice!
The prices mentioned are excluding VAT.

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Printing and Copying

Printing and copying service packages so you don't need your own printing device.

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